In March of 2010 we became aware of a remarkable organization called Fighting for Lives and like many, admired the work they were doing for street kids and orphans in places like Sierra Leone, Kenya, Ghana, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  What stood out was the fact that they weren't a multi-headed, corporate giant that had slick commercials and endless overheads nor were they asking for a lifelong commitment which, at times, can not always be possible for most of us. Just a group of martial arts instructors taking some time out to help some children in need.

After several months of following their progress online, we felt we had to do more than just sit by and wish them well.  That year we pledged to support the ongoing efforts of Fighting for Lives by hosting a fundraising event during the World Fighting for Lives Weekend 2011 on November 12/13th. We were not alone.  Organizations, instructors and martial arts clubs all over the world took part in raising awareness and funds to support various charity projects financed by Fighting For Lives.  The W.F.F.L. Weekend was an amazing success. Every year we are set to do the same and have an even bigger impact.

Let's face it, all around the world children are in dire straits.  In our opinion, everyone should have the chance to enjoy a childhood, receive an education,  consume clean water, eat regular meals, and have access to basic healthcare.  Children should have the opportunity to live in peace with people they love without needless fear and suffering.  We can help them if we all contribute in a small way.  What you do today might well result in profound global changes tomorrow. 

Please take a moment and visit to find out how you can take part in the next global event or offer support to raise money for orphans and street kids in need of help.  Any assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated. 


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The Build-Vention is a martial arts teaching and leadership convention where martial arts instructors and their teams come together to hear new ideas about teaching and education, but instead of getting a hotel room in some convention-hosting city and sitting in an audience listening to speakers participants in the Build-Vention put on work boots and hard hats, grab hammers, saws, and wheelbarrows, and renovate and/or build structures for people in need. They work right alongside the speakers and special guests (we call them our “guest builders”).

We’re asking for your help in the form of a financial contribution for building materials whatever you can afford to give. Donations go directly to HERO Housing, and all proceeds go to building supplies.

What We’re Asking of You: The Build-Vention is funded almost entirely by small donations from martial arts teachers, their students, friends, and family. We’re asking school owners to ask their students to support this genuinely unique and important event by investing the cost of a cup of coffee, from one to several weeks in a row. For $5 or $10 or more from many people, with all proceeds going for building supplies and meals for the guest-builders, we can help build useful structures, homes and otherwise, for people who really need them --while at the same time conducting a career-enhancing educational convention (a “Build-Vention”) for people whose business it is to empower others.. Donate at​

The Alabama Build-Vention 

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Fighting For Lives - Children's Charity

" For the last 10 years I've been asking my friends in the martial arts community to raise money for home construction and renovation projects in the small and rather obscure southern town of Greensboro, Alabama. Not only have they complied, but hundreds of them have actually traveled there with me and provided hands-on labor for the projects, more than 20 different projects to date."  

Tom Callos