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Train Hard or Go Home

When it comes to fitness and strength training we have a large selection of plate loaded, cable, power lifting, hydraulic, combat sports and cardio equipment. We like to think we blend modern and old school training methods together to offer a great variety to get the best results. If you are searching for specific equipment that may not often be found locally such as Atlas Stones  or a car deadlift we will more than likely have it. Just contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Better yet, drop by for a Free Tour and one of our helpful staff will be happy to show you around. 

 Combat & Fitness

Main Gym

Olympic Standard Weight Plates

Dumbbells (1-60 Kg)

Bench Presses

Squat Racks

Shoulder Presses

Smith Machine

Chest Press

Lat Pull Down Machine

Preacher Curl Benches

​Cable Cross Over Machines

Back Row Machines

Powertech Multi Gym

Butterfly Machine

Pec Deck and Reverse Fly Machine

Leg Presses

Hack Squat

Hamstring Machine

Abdominal Machines

​Calf Raise Machine

Cardio Area

Life Fitness Treadmills

Life Fitness Ellipticals

Stepper Machines

Excercise Bikes

Spin Bikes

Rowing Machine

Multi Tone Bed

Full Hydraulic Resistance Gym

Strongman Gym

Car Deadlift

Atlas Stones and Platform

Multiple Farmers Walks (Up to 200 kg)

Strongman Logs


Competition Size Tires

​Sledge Hammer and Tire

Free Body Weight Area

Pull Up Rig

Parallel Bars

Battle Ropes
Slam Balls

TRX Suspension System

Gymnastic Rings

Fitness Floor

Spin Bikes

Skipping Ropes


Bosu Balls

​Swiss Balls

Full Martial Arts Dojo

Heavy Bags

Crash Mats

Focus Pads

​Kick Shields

Gym Equipment