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Ask anyone who seriously trained in the martial arts and they will tell you that they were transformed by the experience and getting involved in martial arts was one of the most important decisions they ever made for themselves. Looking back, they are always amazed at how much the martial arts have given them and all the many positive changes that have resulted.

Our facility houses a full time martial arts/boxing gym and offer classes overseen by our head instructor (Mark Lee) with over thirty-six years of training and twenty-six years of teaching experience. Our primary focus currently lies with providing dynamic, service oriented martial arts programmes and workshops which cater to a variety of interests and age groups. We are proud members of the The One Hundred
 and strive to uphold the highest standards in customer service/ martial arts instruction. 

In our programmes, a student’s safety and satisfaction are our greatest concerns. That’s why we strive to maintain a family-like atmosphere in our martial arts programmes. When members participate in our classes, they’ll feel right at home from the start.  Our teaching approach is purpose driven within a friendly and supportive environment. All physical actions that we train are guided by martial science principals, theories and strategies that offer possible meaning to any given hostile conflict. We focus on developing the mind’s natural integration to a given environment/situation and going beyond what you perceive your current potential capabilities to be. We concentrate on three main areas of instruction. 1. Reality Based Self Protection 2. Sport Martial Art (Mixed Martial Arts, full & semi-contact), and 3. Traditional Martial Arts (self-development). In addition, we utilize neuro-linguistic programming concepts to create an accelerated learning process which result in principles, techniques and skill sets becoming autonomic within a relatively short period of time. We offer a means of finding an individualized approach to personal growth. 

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Our dojo is fully equipped with heavy bags, pads, crash mats along with over a 2,400 sq. ft. of floor space.


If you are a visiting instructor be sure to let us know. We are always happy to meet new friends in the martial arts community. 

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