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Sven van Zuilen                         Martial arts and fitness coach

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mEG bEVAN                                 children's fITNESS - Monkeynastix

"I have always been interested in health and fitness and after the birth of my first child I quickly realised I could not go back to sitting in an office from 9 -5. I trained to be a Monkeynastix Instructor in Belfast and after qualifying, started my own franchise in May 2010. 

Besides loving kids, I am passionate about Monkeynastix because of its non-competitive, reward-based approach to teaching.  I love the fact that the children learn so much without realising they are learning – they are just having FUN!"

Meg offers Parent-Toddler, Monkeynastix (3-6 yrs), and Supernastix (7-11 yrs) fitness classes for children.

David Johnson                            Martial Arts & Self Protection INSTRUCTOR 


My name is David Johnson and I have had a lifelong interest in the martial arts. I happily teach classes and workshops with Virtus Martial Arts and R.W. Combatives. I enjoy martial arts training immensely not solely for the ability to defend myself but also for the self-confidence, calming influence and the reliable structure it has brought to many aspects of my life. 

In my younger years, I began studying Shotokan Karate and Boxing. For five years prior to moving to Ireland, I studied Tiger Crane Kung Fu in Surrey, UK with 
Sifu Darren Trottman. I cross trained in Shaolin Kung Fu for two more years before finding combatives training and freestyle martial arts. Since early 2012, I have exclusively trained with Mark Lee out of RWCF gym. I started teaching in RWCF-West Cork and continued teaching R.W. Combatives when RWCF-Kenmare opened.

I always look forward to the next training session as I love to learn and share new skills with others as well as improving upon those we have already worked on. Having been able to teach my skills to others continues to quench my thirst for Martial Arts.


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Jamie Googan                                                   M.A. Instructor & Personal Trainer          

My name is Jamie Googan and I am proud to say that I am challenged by stammering.  I’m a martial arts and fitness coach here at RWCF with a degree from Cork Institute of Technology where I studied Recreation and Leisure Management. I am also the chairperson of the CIT Swimming club and a qualified personal trainer. Some of my many interests include martial arts, competitive swimming, writing, and public speaking. 

Finn Glenn                             Head Personal Trainer & Sports coach

Finn Glenn is Munster's most sought after Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. "I am an enthusiastic personal trainer and fitness instructor who is on a mission to bring health and vitality to my community. I feel energised by the thought of being able to impact people’s lives through exercise and good health. I genuinely want to inspire and demonstrate to people that investing in their own health can be the best decision of their life."