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Our teaching approach is purpose driven and to the point. Your time is valuable so that means we won't waste it on flashy theories and gimmicks that provide unreliable results in a real life violent encounter.  

Our instructors create a friendly and supportive environment designed to deliver the most effective results.

We have made it our mandate to teach proven self-protection skills that work for all ages, genders and body types. We will demystify and explore the psychological, emotional, and physical aspects of violence and teach you how to turn them to your advantage when it matters the most. 

What do thugs, predators and criminals alike all know that give them the tactical advantage in every attack? They know how to commit 100% with violent intent each and every time. They know what they want then they just go for it. Easier said than done but it is just that simple. 

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Learn the basics of surviving violence.

Build confidence to deal with overwhelming odds.

Our experienced instructors pull no punches when it comes to the truth about violence and what it takes to survive an encounter. All the lies, deceptions and falsehoods about self-protection are thrown out the door. There are no misleading guarantees about turning you into a bullet proof martial arts master over night. 

If you are looking for verifiable, field tested self-protection concepts that won't take a lifetime to master then you know what to do. If you want your instructors to be seasoned professionals who understand the value of quality customer service then you know what to do. Take the next step by contacting us and find out what so many people already know about Real World Defence Systems.
We are experts in our field and genuinely want all our clients to feel safe again. 

We invite you to explore what options we have available for you, your family and even your company. We are a training company based out of Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland and can deliver our services onsite or at a location of your choosing. We look forward to hearing from and helping you choose the service that fits you best.

Self Protection Seminar

Transition Year Course

​Door Supervisor Tactics

Private/Corporate Seminars

Learn Self Protection Skills for Life

Young People Learning to Protect Themselves

Ever worry about your chances of surviving a violent assault? Have you felt the overwhelming fear of a brutal attack? Tired of being the victim? Sure it's a cliche but you truly do deserve peace of mind. Life is too short to be living in fear of violence. 

In an ideal world, a smile and a handshake would be enough to keep us all safe and secure. As much as we would love that to be the case, life tells us otherwise. If you live in the real world, like us, then a little preparation can go a long way. 

  • Threat Assessment/ Intuition/ Conflict Resolution

  • Verbal/Non-Verbal Persuasion Skills 

  • Stress Inoculation

  • Fear Management

  • Self-Protection Concepts for Armed/Unarmed Violence.

  • Self-Protection Tactics for Employees/Executives who Travel

  • Workplace Violence

  • Hostage Survival Escape & Evasion Tactics

  • Rape Prevention 

  • Protecting your Family

  • Urban Survival Tactics

Since 1990, our instructors have been helping teenagers to dramatically improve the quality of their lives. We all want to give our teens a strong foundation for success in life. Our professionally developed self-protection programme for teens has been designed to develop confidence, perseverance, and of course, self protection skills. Our highly qualified instructors provide individual attention and encouragement in a fun, positive atmosphere. This programme makes an ideal choice to offer to transition year students, youth groups and teen clubs.