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Fight fitness

Teens 12-16+ Yrs

R.W. Combatives is specifically designed to teach effective self-defence for use in real-world situations. You learn proven Close Quarter Combat skills that won't take a lifetime to master. You will train in threat assessment, conflict resolution, and practical armed/ unarmed defence applications. Learn how to understand the psychology of hostile conflict and turn it to your advantage. Develop the mindset of a warrior for everyday use. This programme is for anyone who has an interest in building a strong sense of self belief, increasing personal safety awareness and improving their overall confidence in violence prevention. We do this all in a fun, safe and supportive class.

Children 7-11 Yrs

Our dojo is fully equipped with heavy bags, pads, crash mats, gloves and a variety of training tools with over 2,400 sq ft of Dojo floor space. Contact us for a free tour.

Self Defence

Pressure Test

Private/ Group Lessons

​True Victory is

victory over oneself

Virtus martial arts

Fight Fitness is an up tempo fitness class set to high energy music with one purpose in mind. Get yourself fighting fit and have the time of your life doing it. Work up an awesome sweat as you blend kickboxing and MMA conditioning exercises in a fun environment with friends. Kick ass with pad work, heavy bag conditioning and plenty of partner drills. This is an intense, total-body workout which can improve strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination, and balance. 

Beginners are welcome. Your first class will be free so be sure to reserve your spot today. 

Private one to one or group lessons offer our guests direct personal attention and the convenience of scheduling classes around their lifestyle. In addition, guests who attend scheduled classes often desire to enhance their regular training with specialty tuition made possible through private lessons. 

Real World COmbatives

Ages 7-11 yrs            Ages 12-16+ yrs

Virtus Martial Arts offers a family oriented approach to Kickboxing classes aimed at children aged 7-11 years old, teens and adults. It strives to develop the coordination of the mind and body through martial arts drills, games and competitive sparring. Emphasis will be placed on values such as goal setting, self-esteem, persistence, creating a positive attitude, self-confidence, self-discipline, leadership development, as well as many others. We combine concepts from various martial arts to create a fun yet challenging freestyle martial art programme that families love. We maintain small class sizes to ensure plenty of attention to each student. 

 Combat & Fitness